250 Palaly Road
Kandarmadam, Jaffna
Tel: +21 320 7665 


Manattrii is a newly refurbished 19th century house in the war torn district of Jaffna. The location is one of the best in the city: it’s close to the Nallur temple and its presence is among jaffna’s oldest architecture.

At Manattri, we offer our personal rendition of Jaffna gourmet cuisine, with our own innovative gastronomic take on traditional cooking methods, fine Jaffna produce and the legacy of our heritage. Moreover, we regard it as our own personal challenge to help bring about a revival of Jaffna cuisine and allow its distinctive flavors and particular regional character brighten up those who visit us.  A prime example of a unique alteration of tradition would be our exquisite toddy shop, which is situated on our rooftop. Here we have a wide range of cocktails using both fresh fruit and traditional Jaffna toddy.

Manattrii focuses on creating a place where tradition and the simple modern pleasures are strung together to create the perfect blend of what the palate deserves when surrounded by history and memories.

Manattrii truly meets the criterion as the ideal place to “rest and indulge”.

Welcome to Manattrii